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We're using positive reinforecment training to work with Bruno. We've been taking him to a puppy kindergarten class at Peaceable Paws. I think I'm learning more than Bruno. It's all about ignoring negative behaviors (if possible) and reinforcing good behaviors with a clicker and food rewards. It's a little exhausting, and I admit, I sometimes revert to my old method of just saying "no!" all the time. But, we're trying… My new favorite show is the Dog Whisperer. The whole dog psychology thing is fascinating…

Here's an interesting website I found by accident today… I was searching for homescholing stuff at the time… It's called 43 Things.

Joe had a little cough throughout the day, but tonight it seems to have gotten worse. He woke up a few minutes ago with an awful sounding cough and he's very congested. He's also got the shakes, which worries me… I hope it passes quickly. Of course, we went to a birthday party at Chucky Cheeses on Monday, and the kid beside us in line had a hacking cough. Those places just seem like germ depots sometimes… Oh well, at least he had fun.

Flo was in bed, but just got up, insisting she write (draw) in her journal, which she forgot to do tonight before bedtime. Of course, it's probably an excuse to stay up, but I can't deter her from wanting to write…

Well, I hope there's the possibility of some sleep for me tonight, but with Joe not feeling well, and the puppy sleeping soundly for the past few hours, chances are it's just wishful thinking. But, no harm in trying… good night!

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