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Everyone had the sniffles this week, and on Thursday, Joe came down with something nasty… coughing like a seal, feverish… it's Saturday, and he's still not himself, but the fever seems to be gone. Thus, it was a slow week. We cancelled playgroup, so as not to expose our friends to Joe, but Flo played all afternoon with our neighbor's daughter, Dara, so she didnt' miss out on any social opportunities.

On Wednesday Flo had gymnastics, which she really loves. It's a class just for homeschoolers, so it's during the day, which is nice for me. Later in the evening, Flo came with me to another one of Bruno's puppy kindergarten classes. She's the only kid that comes, probably because it doesn't start until 7:30pm. I think it's a good experience for her. She has to pay attention and she's learning a lot about dog behavior and training. Of course, she's a little too much a spaz with the puppy most of the time to actually accomplish any real training… that's my job, I guess.

On Thursday flo had her first piano lesson with Miss Rachael. She seems to be very excited, and has practiced everyday so far, except today, because we were gone all day.

Today, after Flo's ice skating lesson, went to the World Pet Expo out in Timonium, near Baltimore. The kids had a blast seeing all the different animals and pet products. We even saw our puppy kindergarten class instructor there doing a training demo.

After the Pet Expo, we drove into Baltimore and had lunch at a little vegan restaurant called The Yabba Pot, then walked around the inner harbor for a couple hours. The kids enjoyed watching a street performer and visiting a few of the local shops.

Flo's favorite things of the week are:

  1. the fairy book she got for Christmas.
  2. her new ice skates we got on sale
  3. learning two column addition
  4. the old Herbie, the Love Bug movie
  5. bubble tea

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