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The last two weeks have went by in a blur. I'm really just craving time at home to do nothing and get caught up on household stuff.

Last week the kids and I spent up in Kingston, New York, visiting my friend, Laura, and her little guy, Harrison. It was great to connect with her, and just spent some time alone relaxing with my kids without the distractions and responsibilities of everyday life at home.

Yesterday, we went to the Fairie Festival in Glen Rock, PA, and enjoyed walking around in the beautiful weather, as well as, scarfing down some great food.

Today we enjoyed a "circle supper" which is an attempt to get our church congregation to know one another better through intimate potluck dinners with a selected few members every few months. This round was very enjoyable. We spent the afternoon eating some wonderful food and chatting. Flo was at her friend, Megan's, birthday party, but Joe entertained himself quite well with our hosts daughter and dogs.

Oh, the big event of the past week or so has been Joe moving towards potty training. We're still not totally there, but he's now either wearing "big boy underwear" or a "pull-up" and keeps himself dry most of the time and has actually told me in advance several times that he had to go number two, so we could get him to the potty in time. Things just happen so fast with development. Just a few weeks ago he'd go hide in the corner and poop in his pants, and now he's actually wanting to make it to the potty. Of course, they say to expect set backs and not to rush things, but even just having to change a few less poopy diapers is a step in the right direction.

Darren's heading into DC tomorrow morning to pick up another two weeks worth of cases. I'm opting to stay home and catch up on stuff around the house and spend some time working with Flo. I have a rather large to-do list this week, so I'll try to spend less time in the car, and more time at home checking things off my list.

Well, off to watch two episodes of "House" that I have recorded on the DVR… Luxury… good night!

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