Bad Day

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Today our theme song was the song Bad Day by Daniel Powter. Darren found out that the work-at-home program for the VA has been cancelled indefinitely due to a recent security breach by a work-at-home employee in another office. He apparently took some confidential information home and it was stolen when his home was burglarized. Thus the social security numbers of vetertans who filed claims after 1974, I believe, are out there floating around somewhere. We fail to see the correlation between this person's actions and the need to bring in all work-at-home employees. I don't see what the fact that this person worked at home has to do with it. He could have taken the information regardless, as an employee of the VA.

Nonetheless, Darren working at home was a real quality-of-life improvement for us, and we said that if he ever had to work regular hours again here, we'd have to consider applying for jobs elsewhere. It's our own fault for choosing to live so far away from DC, but the cost of living down there is outrageous, and the promise of working at home seemed possible, so we dealth with the four hour a day commute for two years and were very relieved when he started working at home a couple months ago. Our entire family dynamic has improved. Darren is more awake, has more energy, has lost 30 pounds and was able to take part in more of the kid's activities. We were enjoying a much more relaxed lifestyle. With any luck, this will be a temporary measure, but Darren has to pack up his entire office and bring it back in tomorrow. It just stinks!

To top off my day, the stupid dog ate a little blanket/sleeping bag thing that used to be my grandmother's and was my dad's favorite cover-up while he was watching tv in the rocking chair. It was just soft and cuddly and had good vibes for me. Bruno was in his crate and somehow got a corner of the blanket and pulled it through his cage and ate half of it. It's just a blanket, but darnit, I liked it and now it's gone. Boo-hoo!

Deep breaths. I'll keep in mind the childrens book It Could Always Be Worse : A Yiddish Folk Tale.

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