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Well, we're two weeks back into the routine of Darren commuting daily to DC, and it's obvious the total energy drain that it is on both of us. It feels like we both work fourteen hour days. Nonetheless, Darren is hopeful, that at some point soon, the work-at-home program will be reinstated. In the meantime, he's throwing out a few resumes, too, just to leave his options open.

Summer is underway, and the kids are doing well. Flo is getting in lots of playtime with the kids in the neighborhood, and Joe is becoming such a little man. It's really fun to watch him discover new things as his speech improves everyday. I cut his hair today, and he kept saying "I don't want to be bald, like Daddy!"

This weekend we'll be doing some cleaning and de-cluttering to prepare for the big neighborhood yard sale coming up the following weekend. We're hoping to clear things out a bit and feel a little more organized. Flo is just looking forward to having a lemonade stand with her friend.

Well… that's all for now…

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