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This week's theme is loss. Not the kind of devestating loss like that of losing a loved one, or being heartbroken. Nope, the kind of loss that's irritating and drives you insane.

First, we lost a cordless phone… no, THE cordless phone… I don't know how we could do that. Now I'm tethered to the wall on the corded phone. I just ignore the phone now.

Next, we've lost the remote control for the cable box. It's been on Noggin (the kids channel) all week. We're too lazy to sit there and manually scroll through 150 channels to see what else is on. The cable box doesn't seem like much fun without the menu. How did we ever survive before the days of digital cable?

Lost… I lost sleep staying up too late either doing chores, planning Flo's birthday party, reading, or just enjoying time alone. Unfortunately, this time alone comes at the cost of a sleep defecit.

Things we lost time doing… Darren commuted five hours per day. We both lost too much time searching for matching socks. Oh, and we've lost at least a few hours searching for the phone and the remote control.

Thankfully, we have NOT lost our minds. Yet.

Happy Canada Day!

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