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A little update on yesterday's post. Today Flo found our cordless phone while on a bug hunt in the back yard. Apparently, it has withstood a couple rain storms and some lightening and still functions, though the caller ID display isn't legible anymore. I guess I'll be shopping for a new phone… eventually…

Then, while fooling around in the living room with Joe, Flo found our remote control wedged behind the leg of the futon. That was a nice discovery. I wasn't looking forward to paying to replace it, and the cable box is so much more fun with the digital menu. Yeah!

So, Flo the Explorer had a productive day, finding two items that were lost for over a week. Go Flo!

Oh, and happy birthday to my mom… she turns 61 today! 🙂 I'm sure she wouldn't mind me revealing that fact…

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