July is Flyin’ By….

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This month is going by in a blur. For health news, we have had a good month. Joe had his annual cardiology appointment last week and everything looked normal. That's always a relief. He also had an allergist appointment, which was less positive, but not bad. The doctor said there's basically no point in doing any further testing at this point, as we know most of the things to which he is allergic, and we should just work to continue avoiding them.

Darren is also doing well health-wise. Back in April, he found out his cholesterol was 240, which is fairly high. So, when he was working at home, I helped him get started with a concerted effort at weight loss. He lost about 35 pounds basically following a low-fat, vegan diet. Then a few weeks ago, we started following the "Eat to Live" plan by Dr. Fuhrman, and Darren's lost another ten or so pounds. So, a few days ago, he went and had his cholesterol tested, and the results were short of astounding. It is now 132! At his last appointment with his doctor in April, Darren was prescribed cholesterol lowering medications. He really didn't want to start a life-time regime of drugs that could harm his liver and really not address the problem; which was the fact that he was eating a diet too high in fat and too much junk. So, he delayed starting the drug and gave himself three months to use dietary measures to get his cholesterol down. And, it worked! We're both rather relieved, and I think Darren's developed some healthy new habits.

We joined Gold's Gym this month, in hopes that we will break our trend of joining gyms and not going regularly. I've been going quite a bit with the kids in the morning, because they have a great child care room, and it's more relaxing for me to walk on the treadmill in peace, rather than on my treadmill at home with Joe hanging off it like a crazed monkey. Darren's going to go as much as he can, but his schedule for the rest of the summer is really yucky. He's working six days a week, ten hours a day, until we go to Boston for a week at the end of August. We're really feeling how bad the commute is now, and we're pondering our options for possibly selling our house to move closer into DC, or to get a job in a new location and leave the area all together. We really don't want to move, but this commute won't be sustainable long-term, so we have to start thinking about the options. Yuck!

Flo has had a busy month with beading classes, a yoga workshop, music camp and playdates with friends. She now asks me every day how many days are left until her birthday. Only six! We seem to be running non-stop with activities and party planning until the day after her birthday, which is Darren's work's annual picnic. After that, I'm looking forward to taking it easy for a bit, before we go on vacation at the end of August. I'm just plain old exhausted.

On that note, off to bed… buenos noches.

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