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Well, Flo was sick for two days after my last post. She had some sort of stomach virus. So, much of what needed to get done, didn't. I pulled an all-nighter last night packing for our trip and cleaning the house, so I won't come back to a mess. I got a couple short naps on the drive here, but I still feel worn out. Nonetheless, I forgot a bunch of stuff… my pajamas, Darren's socks, the kids' dress shoes, my pants… UGH… So, we got to Boston (Burlington) today, and I had to spend several hours scouring the mall for these replacements, but was not very successful since the kids were terrible, after being cooped up in the car for the eight hour drive here. Joe was sick this morning, throwing up quite frequently for the first half of our trip. It's probably what Flo had, and I hope it has passed, as he seems to have regained his energy and be feeling well tonight.

Tomorrow there's a welcome reception for my cousin's wedding guests down at the The Boston Harbor Hotel. With any luck, I'll find new shoes, pick up Joe's tux for Saturday, get back and get everyone dressed, and head over there without being too exhausted to enjoy myself and to wrangle Joe for a few hours. At least I've got back-up… Darren's sleeping now, so he'll be all rested up. Good deal!

We drove by our old house in Connecticut today, on our way here. It was weird how little has changed. It's always kind of a surreal experience going back to somewhere you used to live when you haven't been back in a long time. No regrets, though… Even if we had stayed in Connecticut, I didn't like the neighborhood we lived in, and would have wanted to move, anyway. But there's a bit of nostalgia there, as it was the house in which Joe was born.

Today was a Whole Foods Day… We checked out the new Whole Foods store in West Hartford on our way through… We just had some fruit and grabbed a drink, because it was only around 10:30am. But when we got to Burlington, we went and had lunch/dinner at the Whole Foods store down the street. Yummy! What a beauteous salad bar. We topped it off with a coffee from Starbucks, then retreated to our hotel room, where the kids proceeded to ping off the walls for a few hours, before collapsing around 11:30pm. It's so quiet right now, I almost don't want to go to sleep, just so I can consciously savor the tranquility, despite my own exhaustion.

Well, I kind of feel like we've engaged in our own Boston Marathon… travelling with kids is much like a marathon. Also, since my cousin's wedding isn't a backyard barbecue, we've had to think much more about attire than I care to. But, that's okay… we all need to step out of our box once and awhile.

So, off to sleep… hopefully…

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