Wedding Extravaganza Complete

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Well, Jim & Mina's wedding weekend came to an end today. They had a really lovely few days of wedding events, and we were happy to be a part of it. Unfortunately, Joe was not AT ALL cooperative with his ring-barer (is that how you spell barer?) task and literally laid down on the floor in the entry way of the church and refused to go down the aisle. I spent the remainder of the ceremony trying to keep him quiet in the back and outside on the church steps. Flo enjoyed her flower girl experience, though, and Joe's lack of participation didn't interrupt the flow of the whole event, so it's all good. The rest of the day was good, except for the fact that amidst all the excitement, we never ate, and by the time the reception started, Darren had a few glasses of champagne in him on an empty stomach. We made it through dinner, and Flo danced the night away for a couple hours, but we retreated to our room around 10pm. Let's just say Darren wasn't feeling too well at this point. But thankfully, a good night's sleep, a low-fat muffin and a strong cup of coffee improved things by morning, at which point we departed for Connecticut. I got lots of pictures of the weekend, but we're at a hotel in East Windsor, Connecticut right now, so I haven't downloaded them yet. But, I will post them when I get home.

We're going to spend a couple more days here in Connecticut visiting friends, and then maybe a night in NY visiting another friend, before we head back home on Wednesday or Thursday. We enjoyed our weekend, but I'm glad to be just winding down, relaxing without any schedule for a few days. When I get home, it's the beginning of the "school" year, so I have to sign the kids up for a few activities and get back into a regular schedule. So, I'll savor this last bit of vacation…

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