Messy House

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The state of organization of our house generally corresponds directly with my energy level. Thus, when I'm consistently lacking sleep, things start to slide, and I get into that CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). And it's not like I can delegate household chores… I can't very well ask Darren to do the dishes when he walks through the door after a fourteen hour day at 8pm. And, though Flo will occasionally try, it generally tends to be more time-consuming or dangerous to have her participate in chores that extend beyond her room or the playroom. I come from a long line of tidy-freaks, but I guess the gene just skipped over me. When it gets to be 9 or 10pm, and my choices are to read a novel with Flo, or spend two hours making sure my kitchen is spotless and everyone's socks are neatly organized, I forego the dishes and laundry until they absolutely must be done. Of course, some days, I'm just full of energy, and I count on those days to get things in order, so that I can once again let them slide for awhile… Today wasn't one of those days.

I feel overscheduled again… despite our best attempts to only have activities a couple days a week. I guess we should be thankful we live in an area that's sound bountiful with opportunities for homeschoolers, but sometimes I feel like an executive assistant, trying to coordinate schedules.

Thursday, one of the homeschooling moms in the area is hosting a storytelling festival. So, Flo and I spent this evening looking through fables, then trying to write something ourselves, then abandoning that in favor of a simple story she's read so many times, she can recite it… Joseph Had A Little Overcoat by Simms Taback. She conveniently has a brother named Joseph, whom she can use as a prop to tell her story. That should be cute.

Darren's off tomorrow, as it's Wednesday, but he's got an appointment in West Virginia at the VA Hospital, so most of the day will be consumed by that, unfortunately. All the while, I'll be toting Flo to ice skating and gymnastics. I think tomorrow's going to be a two-cup day (coffee).

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