Spring Teaser

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We've had few warmer days, and on Sunday the kids dusted off their bikes and head out into the cul-de-sac to enjoy the first signs of Spring. However, looking at the weather forecast, we're going to gets some colder temperatures again before Spring finally arrives. I was looking forward to going to DC on Friday for my birthday and walking around, since the weather seemed to be conducive to that, but now it says "wintry mix" for Friday. Oh well. We'll have to find some fun indoor activity.

There's not much new to report. Joe hid on me in the grocery store today, which provided a near nervous breakdown. He was mad because I put back that stupid gigantic car-shaped shopping cart that is impossible to maneuver. So, he decided he'd hide behind some paper towels on a shelf… After about five minutes I started going into that "can't find my child" panic… After I enlisted the help of several shoppers and was ready to ask the manager to lock down the store, Joe realized something was up, and slowly emerged. At this point, I was near hysterics, and I didn't even need to get mad at him because he knew it wasn't good. Needless to say, we finished our shopping quickly and left, where I decompressed in the car for a few minutes, before heading to a playdate at a friend's house.

Joe definitely is carrying the terrible two's into his fourth year. He's a real handful. However, as he matures, I do see little glimpses of improvement, and I dream of the day when I can take him in public places with out fear of losing him, or him having a total meltdown if he can't get what he wants, and us having to leave as a result of that meltdown. I find life is much easier if I just don't go anywhere. Ha!

Flo is busy with friends and activities. She'll be finishing up her Funnix reading program this month, and Darren and I are coming to the realization that we actually taught someone to read. Cool!

My pregnancy is going well. I'm into the 17th week. I did have to breakdown and take antibiotics for minor infection, but after much debate over the issue, I opted for that route. So far, feeling okay. We're looking forward to our 20 week ultrasound at the end of this month, hoping we can get a peek and settle the argument between Flo and Joe about whether this baby is going to be a girl or a boy. We figure we might as well give them the news now, so they can stop the debate. Of course, she wants a sister and he wants a brother. At least finding out narrows the name selection significantly. We haven't come up with any great options for either gender yet.

Well, off to get some rest so I can wake up and resume the Petite Marathon 2007. Good night!

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