March 2007 Homeschool Review

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March was a fun month, with lots of activities. My pregnancy is starting to slow me down a bit now, but for most of March, I felt pretty good.

We started off the month by going to open gym at a local gymnastics facility. The kids have three or four hours to just play around on all the equipment and wear themselves out. It's great. They're favorite thing to do is to build things out of the big foam blocks.

The next week, a homeschooling mom hosted music night at her house. Everyone got a chance to play a piece of they wanted to, and a chance to try out some different instruments. This actually prompted a discussion of piano lessons. Our friend had just started her daughter with a new teacher up the street. The lady is a public school music teacher who is taking time off to stay home with her baby, and she's offering piano lessons at a very reasonable rate. Flo started lessons with her at the end of the month, and it seems to be a good match. Flo tried lessons for a few weeks last year, but maybe she just wasn't ready. This year, she seems to have much more enthusiasm.

Flo has also been taking some art classes at the local Michael's craft store. They've done a watercolor on canvas and a cute wooden picture frame this month. Both Flo and Joe are very into drawing these days. I find half-finished "masterpieces" all over the house.

We also checked out the local science museum this month with our playgroup. Discovery Station is a relatively new addition to downtown Hagerstown, and though it's fairly small-scale, there's lots for all age ranges to enjoy, and the kids seemed to love it. We bought a membership so we can go back regularly this year.

For Saint Patrick's Day, we visited a local nursing home with our homeschool community service group (HEARTS). The kids had a great time visiting with the residents, doing a craft, sharing some green cupcakes and performing a few songs. This is the second time we've gone there, and it always seems to be a positive experience.

Flo finally finished the Funnix reading program we've been doing over the past two years. She's quite proud of herself. We'll continue on with lots of reading and comprehension exercises. Right now we're reading Harry Potter's first book together at night, and she's got various independent reading ventures going on right now; from the Geronimo Stilton's series to various fairy books.

Towards the end of the month, with Darren's birthday coming up on April 1st, I started pondering making a birthday cake for him. So, the kids and I spend a day mixing various concoctions. Flo came up with a really simple and great tasting lemon cake, just by throwing ingredients in a bowl and using her little baking set she got for Christmas. I ended up going with a lemon chocolate cake for Darren's birthday, but it wasn't quite as fluffy as Flo's. Maybe she'll have a future in vegan baking!

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