A Happy Father’s Day

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We started the morning off by making Darren breakfast in bed. The kids and I brought him up a tray stacked with waffles, covered in walnuts, sliced bananas, and maple syrup, and a big cup of coffee on the side. The kids charged in and startled Darren out of a restful state, but it was 9:30am by this time, so that's okay.

Darren enjoyed his breakfast, and we lounged around in the morning, deciding to skip going to church this week, as Flo and Darren attended at group function there last night, and the kids are doing "Peace Camp" there every night this week. So, we thought we'd enjoy a day with no schedule.

I've gotten over my head a project in our master bathroom. I am attempting to re-caulk the shower, which it desperately needs, but I underestimated how difficult the stuff would be to scrape off. Now, I can't use my shower, but I can't re-caulk it yet, either, because I can't get all the old stuff off. Argh! Where's Bob Vila when you need him? Because I'm pregnant, I don't want to go the harsh chemical route in attempts to remove it, so I guess I'll keep scraping with a razor blade, and see where I get with that. At least we have two other showers in the house, but it's still going to bug me now until I get it done, or call in the professionals.

Darren spent part of the day sanding and staining a dresser for Joe's room. My mom found it at a yard sale for $30, and since it's a solid wood piece, we thought it worth the effort to refinish it to match Joe's bed, which is a bed my dad made. So, he's got a couple coats of stain on there, and a few more to go, but it's looking really good. Not bad for $30, plus some stain and sand paper. Joe's clothes are all in Rubbermaid bins, so it will be nice to finally get his stuff put away.

We're trying to get as many projects done now, before the baby is born, and we're sure to have even less energy than we do now. I've been fortunate and I've been given a lot of baby clothes already, both from a neighbor, and from my mom, who is a yard sale junkie. But, I want to get all that stuff washed and organized, and tidy up the baby's crib, which has become a depot for our baskets of unsorted white laundry. But, I've got about two months left to go, so hopefully, we can accomplish a bit in that time.

Later in the afternoon today, Darren called his dad to wish him a happy Father's Day, too, and then my mom stopped down and took the kids back to her place for a couple hours. Darren and I finished up some housework, ate a peaceful meal of taco salads. We then went to Borders bookstore for a bit to browse around without the kids pestering us for stuff, and then headed up to my mom's to pick up the kids.

We got home around 9pm, I made the kids some quick very late dinner, and then they got ready for bed and watched the first Harry Potter movie with Darren. Flo and I just finished the book last week. I think it was too scary for Joe, but he insisted on wanting to watch with "Sissy." He kept running upstairs telling me what was happening. I'm very particular about what we let them watch, but I think he'll survive the experience just fine, and probably be asking me tons of questions for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow, Darren is heading to Martinsburg, WV to the VA hospital, where he's been approved to work. They sent his computer out on Friday, and the hard drive crashed, so they sent a new one, which is supposed to be there tomorrow. Assuming that works, and the computer can connect to the network, Darren has got the go-ahead to starting working there immediately. So, we're crossing our fingers that there are no more technical glitches, and he can finally have a break with this terrible DC commute.

So, it's now just before midnight, and I've just finally finished all the laundry, and plopped myself down here to "comptuerize" for a bit. I'm not going to make it long, because I feel like I've just run a marathon. But, all in all, I think we pulled off a relaxing, low-stress day for Father's Day.

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