Due Date

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Today is my due date. But apparently, baby #3 wants to continue the trend of being casually late, like my last two pregnancies. Or maybe she's just refusing to come out until we decide on a name! We have lists of names everywhere, but have yet to settle on one. My nightly routine is lying in bed with the 100,000+ name book, scribbling potential combinations until I can't stay awake. Nonetheless, when she comes, I'm sure we'll have the right name for her. Florence's suggestion is Penelope Pineapple Petite. I think she's really serious, and can't understand why I'm not really excited about it; especially having my child's initials be PP. So, the name search continues.

So, being a bit late to enter the world is working out okay, because Darren's working overtime today, and if I make it until Monday, the kids will get to go to a "Big Brothers/Big Sisters" class at the hospital, where they learn a little about new babies, get a t-shirt and their photo taken for the big brothers and sisters wall in the maternity center. Flo was really excited about getting to go to this class, but the July session was full. So, maybe we'll make this one… that's still two days away.

The weather is great today. When I opened the sliding door to the back porch this morning to let out the dog, I was surprised not to be hit with a blast of humidity, but rather an almost cool breeze. I promptly opened all the windows and am enjoying a bit of fresh air.

So, nothing much else new to report. Just standing by now, waiting for baby.

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