Home At Last

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Jeesh! January blew by, didn’t it? It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Yesterday, Darren went to DC to pick up his new computer to work at home. Today we went down to Martinsburg to the VA hospital, where’s he’s been outsourced for the past seven months. We went to pick up all his stuff, and ended up having to call my mom down to pick up a second load. Apparently VA employees accumulate lots of heavy boxes. But, anyway, he’s now officially a work at home employee again! Yeah! We’re really excited about the flexibility this allows us, and just getting to hang out together more.

It’s been a long day, and it concluded with the kitchen sink flooding the floor and leaking down into the basement ceiling. Ugh! I had everyone ready for bed, and was just finishing up for the night, when I noticed water streaming out on my feet while I was standing at the sink! No fair! It looks like our faucet, which we replaced six months ago, broke. Great. Something else to add to the “must buy now” list… and to the “to do ASAP” list… But, it could be worse. We got our taxes done tonight, too. So, now we can spend our refund chipping away at those lists!

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