Flying Through February

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We’ve had a couple good snow storms. Nothing in the realm of true New England weather, but enough for the kids to get some good sledding in. Flo also went to Ski Liberty, in Pennsylvania, with our homescooling group for a fun day of tubing down the mountain. Joe is content with the little hill in our front yard, but maybe we’ll try to take him, too, before the season is over.

February has been an eventful month. There doesn’t seem like there’s been a minute to rest, and according to our calendar, it will be much of the same well into March. Darren’s friend, Alex, is flying in from Italy next week to visit for a couple weeks. He and Darren have a couple trips planned to see a Bon Jovi concert in Philadelphia and Van Halen in Baltimore. Scattered in there will be a few visits with family and friend, and checking out some of the local sights, so I’m sure they’ll keep busy, and two weeks will fly by. A day or so after Alex leaves, Darren’s brother and family will be stopping in for the weekend on their way back from Spring Break in Myrtle Beach. So, there will be no shortage of activity in our house for the next few weeks.

We’re getting into the groove of Darren working at home, and I have to say, it’s a great deal! He has to go to DC once a week to drop off and pick up cases, and the rest of the week he works from home. It really affords us more flexibility, more sleep and more time to spend as a family. So, I definitely feel blessed with the opportunity.

Otherwise, it’s business as usual. Busy busy busy.

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