Summer Update

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Summer is in full swing, and we’re keeping busy just keeping up with three kids and all that entails. Flo is going to be ten years old this Sunday! I’m a little overwhelmed by that thought. But, as hard as it is to remember her as that little baby, it’s exciting to watch her grow and enjoy all the stages she goes through; even the tough ones.

We had our yard sale on July 4th, during the neighborhood’s annual Mile-Long Yard Sale. We pretty much cleaned out all our clutter, which was nice. We sold Zofia’s crib, which kind of marked a milestone, as well. She’ll be two next month and is a daily reminder of why it’s important to be in good shape; just so I can keep up with her!

Joe is enjoying his summer, socializing with friends, and playing hockey a couple times per week. He lost his first tooth last week. Well, the first tooth that voluntarily came out. He had a cracked tooth pulled a few years ago, so he’s looking like Jack-o-lantern Joe these days.

Our niece, Samantha, already came down from Ontario at the beginning of the month to visit and join us on our trip to Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA. She visited for two weeks, five days of which, we spent on the University of Pittsburgh campus, enjoying the beautiful surroundings, great people, fun workshops and more than an abundant supply of vegan food. The kids had a great time doing activities in the kid’s area, and Zofia kept me busy in between lectures, meal times and Flo and Joe’s activities. We really appreciated the chance to get away and just relax, and we hope to make it an annual event.

So far, our summer is going wonderfully. The temperatures seem to have been milder this year, so the weather has just been so accommodating to outdoor activities. The kids and I have enjoyed many long walks together.

Well, another busy weekend, awaits, so I’d better get some sleep, so I can keep up!

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