2010 Here We Come!

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The kids fell asleep in the last hour of 2009, so we enjoyed the quiet to watch a movie in bed while welcoming the New Year. It was a peaceful transition to the 2010, and I hope that trend continues throughout the year.

Today we were all feeling kind of stuffy and sniffly, so we lounged around most of the morning, eating breakfast sometime between 1 and 2pm… Around 3, we decided maybe we should make use of the last couple hours of daylight to get out in the world a bit and breath in some fresh(er) air. So, we took a brief ride, stopping at our friends, Eric and Jessica's, house for a couple hours. We then momentarily pondered a quick trip to the mall to get a belt for Darren, but it was closing in ten minutes when we got there, and neither of us really felt like getting out of the car again, anyway.

So, we meandered home the long way… I made the kids rice noodles and broccoli, only to discover I was out of any type of oil or sauce. We usually have a nice bottle of organic EVOO on the counter, but Darren used the last drizzle on his salad. Left with no other options, besides running to the store, I put coconut oil on the kids noodles. Let's just say, Bruno will be having a nice breakfast in the morning. (Note to self: no coconut oil on kid's noodles)

Once I rectified the kid's dinner blooper, Darren and I sat around and enjoyed sharing a big salad, some chocolate/banana pudding and tea before diverging to our own preferred activity; me writing this and him watching hockey. We have a plan to meet in bed at 10:30 to watch a movie again. Let's hope our plan for relaxation isn't thwarted by those pesky kids (I've been watching too much Scooby Doo).

So, as we start out this next year, we're looking forward to continued homeschooling adventures, furthering health and fitness goals, spending time with friends and family and just generally enjoying this time in our lives. We hope everyone is in good spirits and good health and excited about the prospects of the year to come!

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