Family Circle ~ August 14, 2013

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Family Circle ~ August 14, 2013

We finally had time to hold space and have a family circle meeting. I can’t believe the Summer has almost passed us by! We wanted to have a circle before we leave on vacation next week, because when we get back the schedule picks up. So… today’s energy was good. In fact, the focus of our discussion was life cycles and the movement of energy.

We watched the newest Spirit Science YouTube video; Cycles N’ Sine Waves.
I was surprised how much this video spoke to my own feelings of being “stuck” with my energy and how to clear the obstructions and get in the flow of things. The video offered some good food for discussion.

We also discussed the “Characteristics of Thriving Children” from “The Celestine Prophecy: An experiential Guide” by James Redfield and Carol Adrienne. We plan to focus on these characteristics in future family circle meetings, as they are worth revisiting.

  1. “I am capable.”
  2. “I contribute in meaningful ways and I am genuinely needed.”
  3. “I can influence what happens to me.”
  4. “My feelings are important, and I trust myself to learn from my mistakes. I have self-control and self-discipline.”
  5. “I can make friends. I know how to speak out, listen, cooperate, share, and negotiate for what I want.”
  6. “I can be counted on, and I tell the truth. Things don’t always go my way, but I can adapt when I need to.”
  7. “I try to solve my own problems, but I know that if I need help, I’ll ask for it.

“With such self-perceptions, the child is tremendously advantaged – because he knows that no matter what happens, he has the resources within himself to be a creative problem-solver. These beliefs represent some of the goals of evolved parenting that are touched upon in the Manuscript. By instilling the seven beliefs above in our children we give them the greatest gift possible. When they believe that they can make choices, learn what they need to know and change their lives, they will naturally be able to connect with the flow of energy. As they see how energy responds to their intention, they will attract more coincidences for themselves and make decisions based on being in the flow. Filled with energy and a higher degree of trust in themselves and in the universe, they will be more likely to find and fulfill their purpose.”

Our “food for thought” quote today was from the Ringing of the Cedars, Book 7: The Energy of Life by Vladimir Megre

“We have only but to turn away from the obtrusive, monotonous flood of information that does not allow Man to think about what is really going on, and we begin to doubt (to put it mildly) the ‘normality’ of the majority of the population of these so-called ‘civilised societies.’ We begin to look up on these societies’ chosen lifestyles as indicative of a schizophrenia disorder. Judge for yourselves.”

After our discussion, we wrote some of the cycles or themes we notice in our lives in our family journal. Through most of the meeting, Zofia kept asking, “Can we hold hands yet?” We hold hands at the end of our circle meeting to “close the circle” and say a prayer or something to sum up our intentions. Either Zofia really likes that ritual, or really just wanted to be done! I think maybe a little bit of both. 🙂

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