Family Circle – September 2013

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Family Circle - September 2013

Since September signifies the beginning of the new “school” year, our theme for this month is Wisdom: The ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; insight.

We open our circle today with the intention and desire to continue our journey of lifelong learning. We ask for the guidance of wise spirits to help keep our focus strong, our minds open to new ideas, and our hearts prepared to grow and expand. We are grateful for the achievements and knowledge shared with us, and ask for blessings as we craft our own experience and contribute to the ever-unfolding circle of wisdom that embraces us.

We talked about the upcoming “school” year, and our homeschooling and personal goals.

Our niece, Samantha, is visiting from Ontario, so she also joined us in our circle today, too. We took a moment to send some healing energy to Poppy, Darren’s dad, who is in the hospital dealing with some serious health challenges.

In our family journal, we jotted down a couple things we’d like to accomplish by next Summer. These included lots of writing, creativity and relaxation.

We closed the circle today with a prayer for guidance: “Make me strong in spirit, Courageous in action, Gentle of heart. Let me act in wisdom, Conquer my fear and doubt, Discover my own hidden gifts, Meet others with compassion, Be a source of healing energies, And face each day with hope and joy.”

Joe's Circle in a Box

Afterwards, we had a little “art party.” Zofia’s been bugging me to get out the paints for awhile. So, since Samantha is visiting, and likes to draw and paint, too, it was a good time. Joe was grumpy and resistant to join in, but just a few dips of the brush in the creamy colored paints, and he was under the art spell. His masterpiece is the picture above; Circle in a Box.

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