Family Circle ~ October 30, 2013

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Family Circle ~ October 30, 2013

Once again, everyone was busy and it was hard to get us all in one spot long enough to relax and focus. But, we did succeed.

We started with a Three Realms Meditation called The Tree of Life.

Then, we asked for a little divinatory guidance, using Tarot, reflecting on our thoughts in our family journal.

Ancestors Altar

We created a little ancestors altar, with pictures of family members that have passed and a few seasonal mementos.

“Hail Dark Lady of the Crossroads,
of wisdom hard-won,
grant me Thy blessing, purify my heart,
and teach me the truth of my soul;
show me that death is but the gateway to life.
Blessed Be.”

Finally, we talked about our plans to minimize our media consumption for the month of November.

We closed the circle and all returned to our respective tasks.

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