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June 2007 Homeschool Adventures

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Despite the fact that, as homeschoolers, we don't rigidly follow any schedule with regards to the academic year, June still tends to mark the beginning of "summer vacation." Flo's little neighbor friends, who attend public school, are now around a lot more. The weather has become hot and often humid. Also, this year, I'm eight months pregnant, so the kids… Read more »

April 2007 Homeschool Review

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April started off on the 1st with Darren's 37th birthday. It was a Sunday, and we went to church, where they were coincidentally celebrating their 50th anniversary as a congregation. So, lots to celebrate starting off the month. Easter was the next week, and along with that theme, a mom from our homeschool group hosted an egg hunt playgroup. The… Read more »

February is Finished

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Maybe because this month is a couple days shorter, it just seems to have blown by. We finally had a couple snow storms, which kept us home for a few days, which was actually nice. I've worked to just have more time at home, and concentrate our activities into one or two days, and that seems to work well for… Read more »

December is Done

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It was a festive month with the holiday season in full force. We did some holiday crafts and enjoyed a couple fun playgroups. Flo took a KidzArt holiday workshop in Frederick on the 2nd, while we enjoyed lunch out with just Joe. Flo ended up with some cute holiday creations. Joe's fourth birthday was on the 11th. We kept his… Read more »

November No More

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This month began with a farewell to Nanny & Poppy (Darren's parents), who left on the 1st. Their visit sort of slowed us down for a few days, getting us out of our regular hectic schedule. But, of course, as soon as they were gone, we were back to the craziness of our life. Flo is plugging along with her… Read more »

October is Over

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October has been another busy month, with lots of fun activities and learning opportunities. I still struggle to balance our schedule with enough time at home, so as I don't feel too frazzled with running around. But, I think things are leveling out. Of course, the biggest challenge I face right now is the possibility of a relocation in the… Read more »

September Summed Up

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The kids are doing great. We've cut out TV almost all together for the past few weeks and have noticed a major improvement in attitude and behavior. We didn't throw out TV out or anything, we just positioned it in an awkward location of the family room, where nobody really wants to sit. We also just consciously don't turn on… Read more »