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Petite Picaso

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This morning in church, Flo's class talked about recycling and discussed ways to conserve resources, like turning the water off when you're brushing your teeth, instead of letting it run. Flo says they also read a book about quilts, but I didn't get the title. After church, Flo had her friend, Megan, over, and we did the second art lesson… Read more »

Keeping Track

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It occurred to me that a weblog is the perfect way to chronicle our homeschooling experience, since we don't keep any formal portfolio at this point. So many things happen everyday that we don't often consider educational, but really provide a platform from which to learn. So, I will try to use this as a forum to consider those things…. Read more »

Peace March & Parking Madness

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Yesterday, we decided to go into DC today, to take the kids to the Smithsonian, walk around, and try out a vegetarian deli Darren’s been raving about near his work. Well, on the way in, we went the wrong way, never found the metro station we were looking for (a different one than usual), and ended up driving all the… Read more »