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Click Click

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We're using positive reinforecment training to work with Bruno. We've been taking him to a puppy kindergarten class at Peaceable Paws. I think I'm learning more than Bruno. It's all about ignoring negative behaviors (if possible) and reinforcing good behaviors with a clicker and food rewards. It's a little exhausting, and I admit, I sometimes revert to my old method… Read more »

Clicker Training

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We were out from around noon until after 9pm today, so it felt like a long day. Flo had her last KinderMusik class at 9am, then gymnastics after that. Then, we went to Frederick during the afternoon and walked around downtown. Flo got a cheap little silver bracelet from her favorite shop there, and we talked about where metal comes… Read more »

Puppy Love

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Flo is learning quickly what the responsibilty of having a puppy is like. Of course, I do the majority of the work, but she has learned to keep any toys she would not like chewed up off the floor. She and Bruno (the puppy) get along fabulously, and there is no aggression on his part, which is a relief for… Read more »

Puppy – Take 2

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It is with cautious optimism that I say that we found another puppy yesterday, and all seems to be going well. After our last experience, I was nervous about a repeat performance. Bruno is a chocolate lab, though he's not AKC registered. He looks just like Chip did as a puppy. Having a purebred dog isn't a status thing for… Read more »

Say Hi to Biff!

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Well, the puppy has been named Biff, after a dog I had in college. The name just seemed to fit, and Flo loves to say it. Biff! Biff! Biff! We've had him for five days now, and he's already part of our family. I got no sleep the first night, but now we're into a good routine with crate training,… Read more »

Petite Puppy

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After church today, we drove up to Chambersburg to see a Labrador Retriever puppy my mom had seen in her local pet store, who was supposedly from a local breeder. We’ve been cautiously pondering getting a puppy now, before we consider trying for another baby, and while Chip (our old dog) is still around to interact with the puppy a… Read more »