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Welcoming Spring 2012 ~ Family Meeting

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We celebrated the Spring Equinox by getting getting our seedlings planted and talking about our plans for this year's garden. Zofia and Joe competed for the watermelon seeds, and Flo decided to plant the herbs in her little patch of garden this year. The other garden boxes will hopefully host an array of veggies, including lettuce, spinach, chard, tomatoes, peppers,… Read more »

Summer ReCap

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Oops! Another whole season has drifted into the realm of memories now, and I've obviously neglected updating our family weblog here. The Summer is winding down, and we're already starting to schedule activities for the upcoming year and organizing ourselves for another adventurous year of homeschooling! We finished off the Spring season, celebrating our 18th anniversary at the end of… Read more »

Spring is Here!

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My last entry here had us heading into the holiday season. You'll be happy to know we survived the onslaught of commercialism, tempered by community activities and general holiday cheer. Then began the New Year. 2011! We started off on the fiscally ambitious note of getting our taxes compiled and ready to send in as soon as possible. Darren is… Read more »

Fall 2009

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I did it again! I got totally distracted by life and forgot to update our blog. Oh well. Here were are, well into the Fall season. We’ve got just over a week to go until Halloween. Darren’s parents are heading down from Canada at the end of the month to share in the festivities with us. The kids are excited… Read more »

Summer Update

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Summer is in full swing, and we’re keeping busy just keeping up with three kids and all that entails. Flo is going to be ten years old this Sunday! I’m a little overwhelmed by that thought. But, as hard as it is to remember her as that little baby, it’s exciting to watch her grow and enjoy all the stages… Read more »

End of Spring Update

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I think the time lapse since my last entry illustrates clearly, the lack of time I have to devote to writing and computer related ventures these days. Apparently, the parenting of three children takes up a considerable amount of one’s personal time. Who knew? So, since late April, we’ve been busy with the kid’s activities. Joe generally plays hockey a… Read more »

Mid-Summer Update

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Sunset on Our Walk We’re now well into the summer, and it’s been a full month or so since my last entry. We participated in the annual July 4th “Mile-Long Yard Sale” that our area has every year. It’s quite the massive event, with hundreds of yard sales all within a couple mile radius. We did a little late Spring… Read more »