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Family Circle ~ July 2014

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The Summer just seems to be flying by. Between flooded basements and out-of-town visitors, we haven’t been able to all sit down together for a little “circle time” for awhile. So, today, we purposely scheduled it in, and spent a half hour or so “unplugged” and connecting. Today we talked about self-care, and how important it is to care well… Read more »

Megan: From Montana to Maryland

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Flo’s friend, Megan, came back from Montana, braving a twelve day stay with our family to visit with Flo. Despite our basement flooding twice right before she arrived, and several other stressful events, she and Flo had fun hanging out, visiting old friends and just catching up and creating some new memories. As I get ready to go to sleep to… Read more »

Family Circle ~ May Day 2014 (Almost)

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We have a crazy schedule this week, so we had to schedule our May Day or Beltane family circle a couple days prior to May 1st. Nonetheless, we talked about the significance of the day, the shifts in seasons, and the things we’re looking forward to this Summer. The beginning of summer heralds an important time, for the winter is… Read more »

Holiday Happenings 2013

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Despite our household being besieged with coughing, stuffy noses, sinus headaches, and just general seasonal health hurdles, we have really enjoyed the season, thus far. December always finds us busy, sometimes overwhelmed by scheduling challenges, but always grateful for the abundance in our lives, including great community and family togetherness. Joe’s birthday was on the 11th of the month, having… Read more »

Media Reduction Challenge

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Photo of Joe and Zofia a few months ago at theconsignment shop, while Flo and I were shopping. For the month of November, our family is embarking on a “media reduction” challenge. We already do not have cable TV or video game consoles, so mainly we are sending the kids’ tablets to Grandma’s house, and allowing fairly free access to… Read more »