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Merry Christmas!

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It's now just past midnight, and I'm waiting for Flo to fall asleep, and the subsequent arrival of Santa. I think she has hopes of catching a glimpse of Santa, and if she doesn't fall asleep soon, she just may. I'm accumulating quite a sleep debt lately, and can't wait to hit the pillow. Zofia is sprawled out on our… Read more »

Veterans Day

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Thanks to the Veterans of America, Darren has a nice long weekend this weekend, so we're enjoying some time at home doing various things that need to get done. It's been a few weeks since my last entry, and I always marvel at how time just gets away from me. After months of deliberations over what to be for Halloween,… Read more »

Speeding By

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Once again, the time seems to have sped by. A reminder of this hectic, rushed pace reared its ugly head when I got a speeding ticket on the way to Flo's Spanish class last week. Darn it! I wasn't driving particularly recklessly or anything. I was going 61 in a 45 zone, along with the flow of traffic. That'll teach… Read more »

Keep up the pace, or get thrown off!

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Another seemingly uneventful day. Well, that’s if you call raising three kids and doing housework uneventful. And I hate to say that nothing remarkable happened today, because each day is filled with unexpected amusements and challenges. But, I’ll just say that nothing unusual or particularly stressful happened today. In fact, I actually made a quick trip to Wal-Mart to purchase… Read more »

One Month Old

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Zofia is one month old today already! She had her check-up with the pediatrician this morning and is doing well. She's up from her birth weight of 6 pounds, 8 ounces to 9 pounds, 1 ounce. She has blocked tear ducts, so her eyes have been a bit goopy on and off for the past few days, but hopefully that… Read more »

Our New Addition

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Zofia Roze Petite was born at 3:22am on August 19, after a whole one hour of labor! I woke up at 2:20am, and we barely made it to the hospital entrance. Aside from almost delivering in the hospital ER entrance, having meconium in my water, and having the cord wrapped around her neck, everything went really quickly and turned out… Read more »

Due Date

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Today is my due date. But apparently, baby #3 wants to continue the trend of being casually late, like my last two pregnancies. Or maybe she's just refusing to come out until we decide on a name! We have lists of names everywhere, but have yet to settle on one. My nightly routine is lying in bed with the 100,000+… Read more »