Another snowy day…

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Tara<br />
Poor Flo… she missed playgroup and an overnight at Grandma's today… the weather's just too icky to drive anywhere at the moment… So, we're sitting around, contemplating whether or not to pick up the house, or crawl back in bed…

After my last attempt at cartooning with Flo, I decided to see what a combination of Crayola and a graphics program could do… much more impressive results.

Last night I got a sewing lesson from my friend, Jolene, and I made the cutest cloth diaper.

Cloth Diaper

Darren's work let out early, but the roads are really bad, so I suspect it will take him awhile to get home. I heard parts of Interstate 91 are closed. Yikes.

Well, off to launderize…

Hidden Talent

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Tara Art

Look what I discovered during a Crayola moment with Flo… I'm oozing with artistic ability… HA! What's with cartoon bodies? I can never make them look realistic… not that cartoons are supposed to resemble reality, but something's always off… especially the feet… jeesh… I have a whole series of serverely pigeon-toed characters.

What an exciting day… not… It rained all day… blah… But, at least we just got to hang out togther and relax. We went to church this morning… we were volunteered to do the "Hello Table"… Fun! Then we headed out to a computer fair that was being held at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA. It wasn't very exciting compared to some of the fairs we been to before. This was probably a good thing, since we didn't buy anything…

Now, finishing off the day with some spaghetti and a little reading… ciao.

Apple Pie Smoothy

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Oooh… just came up with yet ANOTHER exciting smoothy option.

3 tablespoons flax seed (grind these up in the blender first, so it makes a powder)
1 decent sized apple
1 cup soymilk
1 cup ice
1/4 cup maple syrup
teaspoon of cinnamon

Super yummy, and low in fat, too… if you're into that! 🙂

Yes, today was a little slow, so we had fun experimenting with the VitaMix.


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Well, for some reason, everyone has a very restless night of sleep last night, which equates to a very unmotivated mom, a whiny three year old, and a sleeping baby.

Sad news… Mr. Rogers died of cancer. The world will not be the same. Won't you be my neighbor?

I just created my own Orange Julius type smoothy… very yummy.
1 orange
1 banana
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 cup soymilk
1 cup ice
Blend it. Drink it.

Poor Little Joe's cheeks are so red and dry… I've tried everything on them. This morning I slathered his cheecks with a skin softening lotion stick my friend gave me. At least he smells great.

Feeding time… Ciao for now.

Rainy Day

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The weather is rather dreary… the snow has turned to slop, and it's raining… I'm waiting for Darren to get back from a meeting with some friends from his lodge, so we can head out to our vegetarian society potluck. I've got this song stuck in my head that I haven't heard in years… possibly since the long cross country trips with my parents when my dad involuntarily exposed me to country music for days on end… It's an old Crystal Gayle song… �We must believe in magic, we must believe in the guiding hand. If you believe in magic, you�ll have the universe at your command.� La la la la… I'm always intruigued when things just pop into my head like that… Maybe it's because I've been reading a book on witchcraft. Or maybe it's an indication that I need to listen to more country music. Ha.

Call me crazy, but we ordered that exercise machine called the Gazelle off that infomercial with the annoying Tony Little guy, who is so apparently excited about this product, and fitness in general. Though we once made the pact to never buy exercise equipment again (as we've gone through several that have become lovely clothes racks), I'm feeling momentarily desparate to get some more exercise into my daily routine (other than breaking my back picking up toys). And with the weather being so blah, walking isn't an option most of the time, unless we go to the mall… where we usually eat too much and spend too much. Also, the gym just doesn't seem to happen when I have to tote two kids there, so my hope is that I will use this thing (that Darren has nicknamed the "Gay-zelle") while I'm watching TV or something in my spare time (which is limited). Hey, maybe I'll lose 50 pounds and go on the infomercial telling everyone how excited I am… hmm… or not…

Well, Little Joe just woke up… time to get ready to go… Aurevoir.


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Oh my… I just realized I have exactly one month left of my "20's"… How in the heck did that decade go by so quickly? Let's see… back when I was 20 and had just gotten married, thinking 30 was looming far off in the future, I had several ambitious goals… finish college, get in shape, write a novel and have a child. Well, two out of four isn't bad. We'll have to shoot for getting in shape in my 30's, and with children, the novel might have to wait until my 40's… To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose, under Heaven. Turn, turn, turn… la la la…


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I spent the past few hours trying to finish up a script for a website and finally got it up and running. At that point it was already 1am and I'm getting that zombie feeling where I just sit here staring at the monitor too awake to sleep, to tired to be productive.

My digital camera all of a sudden won't connect to my PC… So, my photo taking expeditions have been limited until I get, oh say, ten hours to reformat my computer and clean it up in hopes of everything working again… [sigh]

I read a quote on the jacket of a Kid Rock CD today… thought it was insightful for a man whose song titles include "Drunk in the Morning" and "I'm a Dog". Here's the quote:

"If it looks good, you'll see it;
If it sounds good, you'll hear it;
if it's marketed right, you'll buy it;
but… if it's real, you'll feel it."
– Kid Rock

Well, 2am… must sleep!

Reading List

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My reading list is growing… Motherhood has definitely cut into my reading time, and the list of "must reads" keeps stacking up. Here's a few selections:
The Summons by John Grisham
Heart Failure: Diary of a Third Year Medical Student by Michael Greger
Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells
The New Revelations: A Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsch
Setting Limits with Your Strong-Willed Child by Robert J. MacKenzie Ed.D

Those are just some of the items piling up on my nightstand… I'll just work my way through the pile slowly.

If anyone has anything to add to my extensive list that you feel might be either enlightening or enjoyable, let me know. My fiction interests include just about anything, except westerns or Anne Rice/Steven King type stuff, and my non-fiction interests tend to lead towards animal rights, vegetarianism, spirituality, natural parenting and writing.

Well… that's it for now…


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The last two weeks have been rather uneventful. Darren and I actually made it to the gym TWICE this week. That's a record. Although, I think Flo might have picked up a little stomach bug from the childcare room, because she spent the evening throwing up last night… ugh.

Currently, a major issue we're ponding is whether or not to vaccinate Little Joe. There's tons of information out there on why it's "necessary" to vaccinate, but there's also many compelling personal stories of vaccine injuries, and even doctors that specialize in these cases. Most, if not all, of the studies stating the benefits of vaccines are done by the drug companies themselves, which of course, does not completely discount their validity, but makes one question it. Until I started talking to other parents and researching a bit, I really wasn't even aware that there was a choice. All kids should be vaccinated, right? We just blindly followed all the recommended guidelines with Flo. Well, now that I realize we do have a choice, I think for now, we're most comfortable with holding off at least until Joe is a bit older, and then reconsidering. At least I want to feel as if we're making an informed choice.

Looks like we're in for some snow tomorrow… Darn… the driveway was just clearing up… Of course, it's only February… winter's not done yet…