Play Dough & Laundry

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TGIF. Amazingly, Flo, I and the baby all slept until 10am. How refreshing! At the moment, Flo is playing with her playdough, I just finished load #1 of laundry for the day, and Little Joe is asleep on my shoulder. My real challenge lately has been finding things to keep Flo busy, and having enough time to give to her, while still getting household stuff done and taking care of the baby. I marvel at how people with four and five kids manage. I suppose in some ways, that might be easier, because the kids play with each other. Oh well, nobody ever said parenting would be easy.

Anyway, Alex is back home in Italy. We dropped him at the airport on Monday and stayed overnight at the airport Hilton… It was fun. It was so cold out, we just ended up staying in the room and ordering room service. Then on Tuesday we drove around Boston a bit, went to Bread & Circus and headed home. All in all, a nice end to a vacation. Darren went back to work on Wednesday… kind of an adjustment for us both. Too bad he couldn't stay home all the time… way more fun… darn paycheck!

Well, off to another day of domesticity… TTFN.

Hello from Saint John

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We're up in snowy Canada, visiting our in-laws. Darren and his friend, Alex, who is visiting us from Italy, are at a Saint John Flames hockey game tonight. Saint John is playing Portland, Maine. It's nice to visit here, and makes me a bit nostalgic.

I'm so sleep-deprived that I don't even notice it anymore. Even though the baby sleeps fairly well at night, just rolling over to feed him then try to get back to sleep tends to takes it's toll. Not to mention, Flo isn't always cooperative and still gets up once and awhile, or gives me a hard time getting to sleep… Ahh… the joys of motherhood. Yet, everyone tells you that the times with young children are often the best in your life and to enjoy them, so I try to keep that in mind daily.

Tomorrow we'll be visiting with some more of Darren's family, and then will head back to the States on Sunday. It's a good 10 hour drive, but takes more like 13 or 14 having to stop to nurse the baby frequently. Still, the trip up was nice and relaxing. We stopped in Bangor, ME overnight to break up the trip. Maybe on the way home we'll be inspired and do it all in one day…

Well, off to attempt sleep…

Butterfly Sanctuary

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Butterfly BabyToday we went to South Deerfield, MA to check out the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens. It was really neat. There's a big room with gardens and ponds and butterflies everywhere. Little Joe slept through the whole event, but the butterflies liked him. Florence was more interested in all the flowers than the butterflies. We had to keep telling her not to pick the flowers.

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas to all our friends and family! We hope you're enjoying the holiday season! We had a nice morning. Flo was so excited that Santa came. This is the first year she's really aware of things, and it's been so fun to watch her. She got a great kitchen set from Santa (made by an elf friend of ours), and various other fun things that have kept her busy all morning. She is now watching Jim Carey's version of the Grinch. Little Joe is snoozin' and Darren's finishing up puting his miniture car collection in the display case I bought him for Christmas. So, I'm using the time to do a little surfing while enjoying a nice cup of Tim Horton's coffee (decaf, of course) that my mom brought back from her last trip to Canada.

We had a nice lunch of yams, green beans, mash potatoes, cranberry sauce and this thing called a Celebration Roast from Wild Oats, made of vegetables and grains… it was quite tastey. Flo got into a box of chocolates that Darren's parents sent down, and had a few too many… so we're waiting for her to start pinging off the walls… Apparently, she's as much of a chocoholic as her mother. Although, I prefer mine in small doses… ha…

40 Weeks

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Well, we drove up to Amherst this afternoon, for what should be one of our last appointments with our midwife… Baby is still head down and low… just hanging out waiting to make his entrance. I'm doing what most pregnant moms do at this point… reading lots of birth stories, organizing my house, trying to catch a nap when I can (actually doesn't happen much)… I'm just praying for a swift and uneventful labor… but, one never does know…

Anyway, sitting here is getting pretty uncomfortable, so I think I'll go read for awhile, since Flo is being quiet (a rare opportunity)… Bon nuit.

39 Weeks

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39 Weeks - Big & Tired Ok… I never got that burst of energy in the third trimester, and my nesting instincts are overridden by fatigue, but I'm ready… With the exception of actual labor, I don't think I could get any more uncomfortable. Nonetheless, I'm still at the mercy of hormones…
Flo had her picture taken with Santa today at the mall… She's still a bit unsure of him, but she warmed up and even went back to give him a hug. I think she might have clued in that this Santa looks distinctly different than the Santa that was there the other day… Flo & Santa 2002

Happy Thanksgiving

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We hope all our friends and family, and anyone else reading this, has a great Thanksgiving. We are heading down the street to a potluck… that's the way to go… our contribution is vegetarian stuffing and butternut sqash… I had ambitions to make a pumpkin pie, but just couldn't get up the motiviation…

Have a happy day!

38 Weeks… but who’s counting?

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Today is the 38 week mark… hard to believe it could be any day now, or a month from now… Yikes! All was well with baby at today's appointment… still head down, strong heartbeat, and moving all over the place.

Darren's finishing a final exam for one of his last courses and Flo just finished watching the movie Annie… Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you're always a day away! Ahh… if I hear that one more time, I'm going to go nuts… My mom says its payback because my cousin and I used to sing that song over and over in the back of the car when we were kids…

TGIF… again.

37 Weeks

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The baby is back in the head down position. I have a cold. Achoo! But, at 37 weeks, one is considered full-term, so I guess it technically could be any day now… Although, because Flo went 41 weeks, I'm not holding out for this weekend or anything… Besides, I wouldn't mind the cold clearing up first, so I can breath…

Darren is watching hockey… He bought the season pass on cable, so he can watch all the games, but he only watches the Canadian ones… I think I'll actually watch some TV tonight… hmm… what's on? Maybe Drew Carey and CSI… haven't seen those in awhile…

Off to veg…