Jelly Belly

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Jelly Belly We did a belly cast of baby #2 last night… Just a word of caution… the plaster doesn't wash off towels very well… oops… And, it's going to take me a few days to feel de-greased from all the petroleum jelly you have to rub on before making the cast, but all in all, it was fun!

Head’s Up!

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We had my 36 week appointment with our midwife today. The baby has decided to try out the breech position for awhile… Apparently, though, this is nothing to worry about at 36 weeks, because the baby still has enough room to move around (as he does frequently), and will more than likely turn himself around several more times before getting ready for the big event.

My mom gave her goldfish, Dennis, to Flo today. She brought a little five gallon tank over and set it up in Flo's room. Flo is very excited. We just have to watch that she doesn't overfeed the poor guy, as feeding him seems to be a favorite activity.


Mad Cowboy, Simplicty & Cindarella

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Haven't been up to much the past couple days. We taught Sunday school this morning and took a drive for awhile. Then just spent the afternoon hanging out… All and all, a nice day.

I've been reading Mad Cowboy by Howard Lyman. Jeesh, if I wasn't already vegetarian, I'd be inspired to do so now. Definitely an intruiging read…

Darren's trying to finish up the book Circle of Simplicity by Tuesday, since we'd like to check out a local group by the same name, but he's a little overwhelmed with term papers and school work as he struggles to keep on top of it all for only SIX more weeks! Amen!

Flo requested we read a riveting new rendition of the old classic, Cindarella, for a bedtime story… it's far more entertaining, as the iilustrator depicts Cindarella in a less Barbie-like manner.

Birth Class

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Darren and I just got home from our first birth class. This one is less clinical than the last one we took at the Army hospital, when I was pregnant with Flo. All the couples are planning homebirths, so the perspective is a little different.

Since we had to drive out to Amherst for the class, we went to Bread & Circus for dinner. I love their salad bar. And they have this one trail mix I can't find anywhere else… pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, dates and chocolate chips… Yum!

Going to attempt to get a good night's sleep… what a concept!

Gripe and Complain

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I can't sleep… the baby's moving too much and my back is killing me… Hmm… how can I make use of this time that I should be sleeping? Well, it's not like I'm going to do anything productive being this tired, so I might as well surrender to the boob-tube and plop myself on the couch. Yawn….

Stupid A:/ drive

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Darren's stressing because he needs his floppy drive on his computer for this school thing he has to do… He just bought a new one and it was working fine, now it says "The disk in drive A: is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" But the disk works in my computer just fine… Darn technology!

Flo's coloring on the floor… wait, let me rephrase… she's coloring on a piece of paper while sitting on the floor… we're enjoying the momentary silence… with any luck, bedtime looms in the near future…

I'm doing laundry… too exciting! To help counter the monotony of that task, I watch the Home and Garden network while I fold… how inspiring…

Another day comes to a close….