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Facebook Post: 2021-09-14T01:17:56 (minivan adventures)

Minivan Adventures – September Edition ~~~ Just to highlight that, with the right perspective, even the most simple routines can be adventures, I’ll recount the happenings of last weekend… I thought it would be fun for Zofia and I to take a weekend trip to see Joe’s first game of the season with the Richmond Generals on Saturday, and catch… Read more »

Facebook Post: 2021-06-21T01:01:31 (UUCH)

Much to Celebrate ~~~ This weekend was mostly filled with work and household upkeep. But, interspersed was a small outdoor gathering at the UU church on Saturday, celebrating the upcoming Solstice and the newly federally recognized holiday, Juneteenth. Sunday was the usual busyness, but we managed to round everyone up for a few moments, just before sunset, for some impromptu… Read more »

The Symbology of the Cones

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  ⭐ The front left cone represent focus; being fully in the present moment. ⭐ The front right cone represents opportunity, whether it be overlooked or seized readily. ⭐ The two side middle cones symbolize unseen Universal guidance, gently nudging us back on course when we lose our way. ⭐ The rear two cones, though lower in stature and seemingly… Read more »

facebook post: November 15, 2015

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Songwriter Showcase ~~~ I took Flo & Hannah out to the New Earth Granary in Berkeley Springs tonight, so they could play a couple songs for the event, accompanied by their bandmate, Tyler, from Evolution Rock School. Turns out the event had a great turnout, but the kids got put at the very end, so we were there until almost… Read more »