Mad Cowboy, Simplicty & Cindarella

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Haven't been up to much the past couple days. We taught Sunday school this morning and took a drive for awhile. Then just spent the afternoon hanging out… All and all, a nice day.

I've been reading Mad Cowboy by Howard Lyman. Jeesh, if I wasn't already vegetarian, I'd be inspired to do so now. Definitely an intruiging read…

Darren's trying to finish up the book Circle of Simplicity by Tuesday, since we'd like to check out a local group by the same name, but he's a little overwhelmed with term papers and school work as he struggles to keep on top of it all for only SIX more weeks! Amen!

Flo requested we read a riveting new rendition of the old classic, Cindarella, for a bedtime story… it's far more entertaining, as the iilustrator depicts Cindarella in a less Barbie-like manner.

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