Hello from Saint John

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We're up in snowy Canada, visiting our in-laws. Darren and his friend, Alex, who is visiting us from Italy, are at a Saint John Flames hockey game tonight. Saint John is playing Portland, Maine. It's nice to visit here, and makes me a bit nostalgic.

I'm so sleep-deprived that I don't even notice it anymore. Even though the baby sleeps fairly well at night, just rolling over to feed him then try to get back to sleep tends to takes it's toll. Not to mention, Flo isn't always cooperative and still gets up once and awhile, or gives me a hard time getting to sleep… Ahh… the joys of motherhood. Yet, everyone tells you that the times with young children are often the best in your life and to enjoy them, so I try to keep that in mind daily.

Tomorrow we'll be visiting with some more of Darren's family, and then will head back to the States on Sunday. It's a good 10 hour drive, but takes more like 13 or 14 having to stop to nurse the baby frequently. Still, the trip up was nice and relaxing. We stopped in Bangor, ME overnight to break up the trip. Maybe on the way home we'll be inspired and do it all in one day…

Well, off to attempt sleep…

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