No Comments on Vaccinations

The last two weeks have been rather uneventful. Darren and I actually made it to the gym TWICE this week. That's a record. Although, I think Flo might have picked up a little stomach bug from the childcare room, because she spent the evening throwing up last night… ugh.

Currently, a major issue we're ponding is whether or not to vaccinate Little Joe. There's tons of information out there on why it's "necessary" to vaccinate, but there's also many compelling personal stories of vaccine injuries, and even doctors that specialize in these cases. Most, if not all, of the studies stating the benefits of vaccines are done by the drug companies themselves, which of course, does not completely discount their validity, but makes one question it. Until I started talking to other parents and researching a bit, I really wasn't even aware that there was a choice. All kids should be vaccinated, right? We just blindly followed all the recommended guidelines with Flo. Well, now that I realize we do have a choice, I think for now, we're most comfortable with holding off at least until Joe is a bit older, and then reconsidering. At least I want to feel as if we're making an informed choice.

Looks like we're in for some snow tomorrow… Darn… the driveway was just clearing up… Of course, it's only February… winter's not done yet…

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