Hidden Talent

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Tara Art

Look what I discovered during a Crayola moment with Flo… I'm oozing with artistic ability… HA! What's with cartoon bodies? I can never make them look realistic… not that cartoons are supposed to resemble reality, but something's always off… especially the feet… jeesh… I have a whole series of serverely pigeon-toed characters.

What an exciting day… not… It rained all day… blah… But, at least we just got to hang out togther and relax. We went to church this morning… we were volunteered to do the "Hello Table"… Fun! Then we headed out to a computer fair that was being held at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA. It wasn't very exciting compared to some of the fairs we been to before. This was probably a good thing, since we didn't buy anything…

Now, finishing off the day with some spaghetti and a little reading… ciao.

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