We’re Home

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Joe was discharged from the hospital last night around 8pm. We are so happy to be home, but also a bit nervous about not being in the hospital. Just trying to relax today. Of course, I came home to a pile of housework, but at least Darren managed to keep the sink clean, and my mom helped out with the laundry. Could be worse.

Anyway, the next few months will really be pivitol in the outcome of Joe's overall health, so we'll be praying and trying to just take it one day at a time. He has to be on aspirin, which is challenging to get him to keep down, and because of the apirin, he has to take a drug called Zantac, which is essentially an antiacid, to keep the aspirin from causing stomach irritation. The Zantac smells yucky… I hate that I have to give him any drugs at all, being generally a naturalist, but I have to accept that it's necessary, and hopefully will not be long-term.

So, after an exhuasting and emotional week, we're home… Thanks to everyone for your kind words and thoughts.

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