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Custom HatJoe had an echocardiogram this morning and the aneurysms have not progressed, so it's likely they are as big as they are going to get… The cardiologist said that with small aneurysms like his, they often recede somewhat in the first two years after the onset of the disease. So, for now, he continues on aspirin and is monitored regularly… it's not certain what the impact of the heart damage is long-term, but things look pretty good for now. Now if we could just find some relief for his eczema…

Flo fell on this fire pit thing we have in our yard last week and burned her tummy. So, between changing her bandages, and rubbing creams on Joe every hour or two, I'm feeling somewhat like a nurse. But, I couldn't have two more wonderful patients. I had to develop my own "eczema hat" for Joe out of one of Darren's old undershirts, so he doesn't scratch his scalp to bits… Pretty trendy, eh?

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