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I haven't had the two hands necessary to type much lately, so updates are slow in coming… Not much has changed, anyway. We're still dealing with Joe's eczema and just trying to get as much sleep as possible so at least one of us is a decent functioning parent for Flo all the time. We started using some products from Earth Worm Herbals last week for Joe, but so far no real change… his skin on his arms and legs might be a bit softer, but his face is still a real mess… Ugh… the challenge contineus.

My newest venture is going to be try to make a trip to Belleoram, Newfoundland, where my in-laws have a summer house. My hope is that some unpolluted, fresh air and relaxation will do us all good. Of course, Darren depleted all his leave when Joe was in the hospital, so I'll have to make the 40 hour drive myself with two kids and he'll have to fly up for a week. I think I'm insane and not sure if I'll actually pull it off, but it's a good goal. Flo would really enjoy the trip, and if I can keep my sanity for the travel part, I'm sure I'd enjoy the visit once I'm there…

However, at Joe's last checkup, he hadn't gained any weight in the past two months, so we'll have to wait and see what his next checkup reveals before we make any concrete travel plans. It's very stressful… the poor guy has had to go through so much in his short little life… I can't stand the thought of more tests. We'll just hope he packs on a pound or so in the next couple weeks…

Well, off to finish the dishes before Joe wakes up from his generally brief nap. Ta-ta.

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