Saint John

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We got to Saint John today…. It feels like my second home. We're going to stay two more nights here and head to Augusta, Maine on Monday.

Florence is a little spazzy at times, but overall, she's being a great traveller. Joe is a very happy little guy, despite the ongoing itchiness. However, for the past couple days he has looked wonderful… Maybe New Brunswick air agrees with him… who knows… it remains a mystery…

We visited my sister-in-law, Michelle, briefly today and tomorrow we're going to visit some old friends of my parents. Other than that, we have no agenda… It's hot here though, and I miss the nice ocean breezes in Belleoram. Oh well… we'll have to settle for fog, drizzle and air conditioning….

Well, off to watch Little House on the Prarie with Flo and try to get some sleep….

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