Portland, ME

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Here we are at the luxurious Comfort Inn in Portland, Maine. We were contemplating driving all the way home today, but by dinner time, everyone was tired, and if you don't get a hotel before 5ish, you often times are out of luck… especially during the summer season. So, we walked around the mall a bit, went to Babies R Us and got one of those walkers with wheels for Joe and came back to the hotel. My mom just smashed her head on the dead bolt on the door, and preceded to go to the front desk and tell them that she thinks the deadbolt must have a design flaw… hmm….

It's nice to be back in the States where there is no hourly dial-up charge for AOL. I spent almost $200 this month dialing up the AOL 800 number from Canada… Jeesh, the price of communication…

Anyway, it's been an adventure… Newfoundland was definitely beautiful, and it was nice to spend some time in Saint John, but I miss Darren and we're looking forward to getting home. Florence had a great time and enjoyed visiting her Nanny and Poppy and meeting some new friends in Belleoram. Joe is eight months old as of yesterday. Wow. I'm just hoping Joe's skin improvement will maintain itself for awhile… it's been so nice to at least not have him covered in "boo-boos"…. It's nice to see his little face almost clear…

Well, off rest up a bit….

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