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I was just reading an article on food allergies and I'm so afraid I'm going to be forced to join the ranks of the seeminly neurotic parents that are afraid to let their child so much as be in the same room as an offending food… Joe tested positive for peanuts and milk, and I find myself making Flo wash her hands all the time after she eats for fear she'll have traces of nuts on her hands when she touches him. And, we've established that Joe is severely allergic to Chip, our beloved dog. Chip licked him and his whole arm broke out in huge hives. I just sat and watched him for an hour for fear that it would get worse. We are armed with an EpiPen, and I pray we never have to use it. To think that your child could actually die from contact with a food is mind-boggling. Before I had Joe I used to think "allergies-smalergies"… I have to work so hard to relax for fear that I'll just go nuts (no pun intended) worrying about things… And to make things worse, they say that a child is much more likely to "outgrow" an allergen if they are not exposed to it for the first three to five years of life. This seems like an insurmountable task…

Anyway, on a more positive note, we had a nice day. We sat home until around 3pm, then went for a short walk in West Hartford, then took a drive, picked up some Indian food take-out and went to the drive-in theater in Barkhamsted. The first movie was Uptown Girls, which was okay, and the second was the Lara Croft Tomb Raider one, which we wanted to see, but since the first one ended at 10pm, we decided to call it a night and head home. The weather was great, and it just seemed like a nice night to be out… Even the bugs cooperated… I only have one mosquito bite.

Well, the dryer just buzzed, which means the sheets are dry, which means I should go make the bed and get in it… Bon nuit.

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