Three’s Company

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I still can't believe John Ritter died. Watching Three's Company re-runs at 2am will never be the same.

We had a relaxing day… We took Flo to art class this morning, took a brief walk around West Hartford center, returned some rental movies and played a couple board games. We had thought of going to the Big E today, but I went yesterday with my mom and the kids, and it wasn't too crowded because it was the first day and we went at lunch time. But, since today is Saturday, we figured it would be packed, and opted to skip it and save ourselves the expense, both fiscally, and calorically, as we usually eat a bunch of junk food, spend too much, and leave exhausted.

Ooh… if I hurry, I can fold the laundry, do the dishes, and still make it to be before midnight. I'm a real goal-setter.

Good night.

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