Tag, Your It!

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Tag Sale Time once again… I spent the morning digging through the mounds of junk in Flo's room, disgarding much of the clutter that had taken over her space. Clutter drives me nuts… it makes me feel cluttered… yet, the two challenges in our house with regards to clutter are in our office… our desks are always piled with tons of paperwork, and secondly, TOYS TOYS TOYS… No matter how hard I've tried to keep it simple with regards to toys, and not buy a lot of gatchety, cheap crappy toys, they've nonetheless become part of the landscape of our home. So, it felt liberating to fill up a few trash bags with junk and stuff for the tag sale, which we plan to have this Friday, assuming I can get organized enough. Fun fun fun.

I made a small dent in the office clutter, as well… Wow… what a productive day… Must be a residual sugar high?

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