To the Beat of the Drum

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We started today off exceptionally early for a weekend… Joe was up at 5:30am rarin' to go. Fun! We went to Flo's art class at 10:30, then checked out the Bloomfield Drum Festival… some good music, commercial vendors, some crafty stuff, greasy, fattening food and a few kids rides. Quite the turn-out for the town of Bloomfield.

This evening we're just lounging around. I've been sitting here for a hour doodling on a notebad of black paper with this really cool metallic gel pen. Cheap entertainment. We were thinking about going to the drive-in theatre tonight, but it's rainy and cool out, so we'll just hang out and see what's on the boob tube. Maybe I'll go do some yoga in front of the tv, then I'll feel somewhat less lazy… maybe…

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