Moving Again….

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Darren found out yesterday that he's been selected for a job in Washington DC. It's with the same agency (Department of Veterans Affairs), but is a promotion. It's a great opportunity, but I'm finding myself feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of moving again… especially to Washington DC. It really has never been on the list of places I would like to live someday. Plus, having to sell our house and look for another one there seems like a daunting task considering real estate there is even more pricey than here… Though I'm used to moving, and not getting "attached" to places or things, I'm feeling a little less adventurous than I did other times, probably because I now have kids, and we're in our little routines with our little friends, etc. But, it's interesting to see how life unfolds, and I'm excited for Darren as he's happy to get this opportunity. So, here we go again.

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