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Well, it happened. Joe got the flu. On Thursday night, he spiked a fever, and by Friday morning, he felt like he was burning up. I panicked a little because that's how it started when he got Kawasaki Disease last year, and since I don't have a doctor here yet, I just wanted some reassurance. So, we decided to take him into the Children's Hosptial ER in DC. Well, a drive that should take 30 minutes ended up taking two hours, because we got on the beltway around DC going the wrong way and got lost. Nevertheless, we got there…. Joe had 103.8 fever, but they checked him out, and did a few blood tests at my insistance, since I was already there, and I didn't want to have to come back. Thankfully, everything was okay and they said he had the flu and to stop his aspirin until he's better. Well, he's fine now, except for a runny nose and cough, but I'm nervous about stopping his aspirin. I made an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist for the end of the month for his regular checkup. Anyway, I'm glad it seemed to pass quickly… both Joe and Flo had the flu, but, discounting the runny nose and cough, it only really lasted for less than two days. Let's hope that's the worst of it for this season.

Today I bought a nice rug (at Sam's) for our new house. Of course, we're at least a month away from moving in, but it's the first thing I've bought for the house and it made it feel a little more real… until I had to lug it up to the ninth floor of this apartment building where it's sitting in the corner with no real purpose. I can't wait until this house is done…

Tomorrow I'm taking Flo up to Hagerstown for her swimming lesson at the YMCA. She's been a little bit of a challenge lately. I'm sure it's because she's bored and is cooped up with me most of the day. She's discovered the power of saying "I HATE YOU!"… My approach is just to tell her once that that's not nice and how would she like it if someone said that to her, and then I just ignore it. She hates everything… she bumps into the door on her way out… I HATE THE DOOR… STUPID DOOR! This just confirms the challenge of parenting and the definite individuality of each child, regardless of how you try to mold and shape them.

Time for bed.

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