Oatios and the ER

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Joe is so funny. He hears the sound of the cereal box crinkling and he comes running, just like a well-trained dog. Oatios are his favorite, because they're one of the few things that don't give him hives. So far, our small list of safe foods includes oatmeal, squash, blueberries, apples, banana, green beans, wheat seems okay, and rice. Believe it or not, when he eats peas, he breaks out in hives. Weird… It's definitely a challenge. I'm so glad he's still breastfeeding. At least I know he's getting a good amount of calories that way, and we can slowing work on increasing his list of safe food. FUN!

Yesterday was not fun. The night before, I had heart palpitations all night, which has happened before, but I took my blood presurre and it was much higher than normal (it usually runs quite low), and this kind of scared me. So, I had Darren take me to the ER… I went in while he sat with the kids in the truck. I had no idea it would be a five hour deal. UGH. I got a taste of what an ER is like in a metro area. When I got there, around 1pm, there was just a few people there… I thought I'd get right in… Then it filled up with sick people wearing masks, people bleeding, screaming children, and so on. I sat in the waiting room for two hours… then I got hooked up to an IV for dehydration and they ran a bunch of tests. So, I sat there for a few hours, though I was moved to the hallway halfway through, to make room for an accident victim. All my tests came back okay and my blood pressure was high normal. They said it's most likely stimulants like sugar and caffeinne, stress or lack of sleep. I don't think I've overdone any of those, but I guess… So, went home, got a good night's sleep, drank a lot of water, and am feeling much better. That was an experience I'd prefer not repeat anytime soon.

Well, off to make some veggie-dogs for Flo who is pestering me. Lunch time!

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