Another month in Gaithersburg

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It looks like our house will be at least another month before it's done, if not longer, so we extended our stay here at the Oakwood in Giathersburg, MD. We were going to go find a temporary place to stay up in Hagerstown, to be in the town we're actually going to live in, but it seemed like too much of a pain to move all our stuff twice. So here we sit.

I had an appointment with a cardiologist last week, and he heard a slight murmur, so since I'm having palpitations, he set me up for a bunch of tests. FUN! Needlesstosay, I'm getting more serious about exericse and healthful eating. Even if everything is fine, it's kind of a wake-up call.

My mom's on her way to visit for a few days. Maybe we'll check out a few museums. It's still pretty cold to do much walking around in DC.

Well, off to shower…

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