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I spent the day up in Hagerstown driving around searching for a primary care physician. Who would have thought it would be so challenging to find a decent doctor? I can't help but be a little discouraged, being that medicine seems like such a business, and nobody really seems to care why you may be feeling badly, but just what pill we can give you to make you feel better right now. So, I still haven't found a doctor. Some weren't taking new patients, I didn't like the location of a couple of them, and most won't make an appointment until they've received your medical records. My records span many geographical locations, and it seems like somewhat of a chore to bring them all together in one place… That's tomorrow's task. I also made an appointment with a naturopath for next month, just to reassure myself that my health is still in my own hands, and not a bottle of pills. I've been dragging myself to the treadmill downstairs every night for the past week, and have cut the salt, sugar and processed foods from my diet. Ya, way boring… but it will have a cumulative effect. Tomorrow I'm going to see the cardiologist again for a stress test. More fun on the treadmill!

Off to watch Letterman, read, and sleep… hopefully in that order… Good night.

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